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  •        Tax Advice for Full-time RVers.   A CPA outlines just about everything a full-timer or would-be full-timer needs to know about taxes.

  •        Full-Timing America.   If you travel full-time in your RV, or plan to, you must bookmark this very valuable site.

  •        RV Club.   A highly-informative site for new RVers and seasoned full-timers. And they are linked with many other sites of related interest.

  •        Boondocking Guide.   Lots of great information about "boondocking," or "RVing without hookups."   NEW

  •        Earn $45,000-$60,000/Year by Driving Brand-New RVs and/or Specialty Vehicles from Factories to Dealerships. This is probably the world's greatest and most-accessible travel job. It's stress-free, highly-enjoyable, and there's no upper age limit. One-third of the 100,000 people doing this job are in the age group 65-80+! Couples make up 40% of the workforce, and the full-time couples earn up to $80,000 a year. Part-timers make proportionately less. College students and teachers can earn between $12,000 and $15,000 by doing this for three months as a summer job.

  •        Workamper News.   If you want to hit the road and earn while you go, head here for information about where the jobs are.

  •        Movin' On.   Road-authors Ron and Barb Hofmeister are experts on full-timing. Their book is a fabulous resource for full-timers.

  •        LINK to Us and we'll do the same for you -- spectacularly!   Whether you have the smallest and newest personal page, or the largest commercial site, it makes no difference. Join us in this mutually-beneficial effort now... it's easy!

  •        Jobs for Nomads and Other Travelers.   Here's a fabulous resource that lists job openings in National Parks, campgrounds, resorts and even on cruise ships.

  •        Workers on Wheels.   A valuable on-line resource for working RVers and others seeking seasonal, short-term, or mobile employment.

  •        " RVing Hams".   Jim and Jessica, both ham radio operators, went full-time in 1998. Their website contains lots of links for RVers and hams.

  •        Mark's Fulltime RV Adventure.   A 41-year-old man possessed with wanderlust is "on-the-road."   His website is good reading and packed with useful info.

  •        Families On The Road.   Good info here for Boomer-aged RV families who live and work on the road.

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