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Really Neat Sites, and Fascinating New Inventions!

  • The Home Page of Eva-Marie Griffiths, in Stockholm, Sweden.
           A nice place to visit, and if you're like me, you'll love the raccoon!    Important Note:   The referenced site's URL may change. So if the above link doesn't work, please click here.
  •    The CHALLENGE of a Lifetime!
           Are you creative and inventive? If so, this could well be the most fascinating project you will ever tackle! It's an invention that was built once... and the prototype worked -- but it stayed under wraps, known only to three people since 1955. YOU can have the complete plans... the inventor's own notes, design of the prototype, and list of materials... free for the asking! Use this link to get the whole story!

  •        Here's a really NEAT place to shop!
           In a moment, click on the banner below.
           But first, if you haven't done so yet, please take a moment now to bookmark our
    Home Page here at -- before clicking on the above link. Why? To make it easier to return here, of course. Because we're betting that once you arrive there, you'll want to spend awhile at this fascinating Tennessee website! Be patient... it sometimes takes several seconds to load. (In fact, our own experience has been that it frequently won't load at all into Netscape! If this happens to you, try accessing it with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. We have always found it easy to load into that browser.)

  • A New Invention
           ...for Outdoorsmen and -women. If you like to hunt, hike, or fish in the great outdoors, check this one out! It's a surprisingly-simple solution for a formerly nettlesome problem!

  • "Area 51" Exposed!
           It's been the U.S. government's worst-kept secret for decades, now. The "secret" base at Groom Lake, Nevada, which the government barely and reluctantly even admits exists! It's constant denial of the base's existence until 2000 was as ludicrous as were the claims by Big Tobacco that smoking is harmless. Everyone knows that the base is real, and is where the military's stealth aircraft (and gosh only knows what else) were developed and tested. Of course, rumors have abounded for years about the possibility of connections with UFOs, aliens, etc., too. This crystal-clear satellite photo doesn't answer any of those questions... but DOES thoroughly blow the cover of "Area 51's" existence and layout. The above link takes you directly to the photo. And if you think that photo is mind-boggling, wait'll you see the close-ups! The ones on this page are just a few of many! Recommendation: Download every Area 51 photo in this website to your hard drive. One never knows when the government may become sufficiently displeased about having this much egg on its face, and suppress the site and/or its unique photos. And clicking here takes you to the Home Page of that site... the website of the Federation of American Scientists.